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FieldLevel is the exclusive, social network dedicated to sports recruiting that connects coaches and helps teams find athletes that best fit their programs.


Teams use FieldLevel to identify and evaluate athletes more effectively. For athletes, FieldLevel provides the first online gateway to successfully migrate from high school to college and into professional sports. It’s the new standard for teams to find and attract better talent.


Athletes can join by inviting their coach at www.FieldLevel.com


To read success stories and learn more, please visit the FieldLevel Blog  http://blog.fieldlevel.com



Fieldlevel story


In 2007 at USC, after stumbling through the recruiting process as high school athletes, Brenton Sullivan and Kai Sato were inspired to create a community where coaches could easily identify the best athletes, and athletes could be guided step-by-step through recruitment and ultimately be discovered by coaches who wanted to recruit them. FieldLevel is focused on becoming an essential resource for all athletes and all professional and collegiate sports organizations in the world.
In high school, Brenton Sullivan knew he was good enough to play college sports but went almost completely unnoticed by college recruiters. At the University of Southern California, he walked onto the varsity baseball team and later went on to earn an athletic scholarship. As a catcher, Brenton worked closely with his coaches and became obsessed with the recruiting process, and he was mentored by some of the nation’s top scouting minds. He recognized that recruiting had severe flaws that the Internet could solve. Brenton and his business school classmate, Kai Sato, wrote a business plan that detailed how an exclusive, social network that connected trusted coaches could empower teams to easily find the right players. Their concept won “Best Business Plan” from USC’s top-ranked entrepreneurial program.
Brenton and Kai teamed up with technology veterans, Cory Ducker and Jeremy Weir to found FieldLevel in 2008. The team first introduced cloud-based software that allowed college coaches to store and access their private recruiting databases through any computer or smart phone. The software even protected coaches from committing accidental NCAA recruiting violations. FieldLevel then introduced software for junior colleges which empowered them to proactively guide their athletes to ideal playing opportunities at universities. In January of 2012, FieldLevel launched its exclusive network which has led to coaches recruiting new territories and athletes awarded scholarships from programs previously beyond comprehension. Now a standard in baseball and utilized by the majority of all college teams, FieldLevel was awarded top honors from the American Baseball Coaches Association.
Collegiate and professional teams now use FieldLevel to identify and evaluate athletes more effectively by connecting with trusted coaches across the country. FieldLevel makes it easy for recruiting coaches and pro scouts to find players who fit their needs. The exclusive network empowers junior colleges, high schools, and other promoting coaches to guide their players to ideal playing opportunities. For athletes, FieldLevel provides the first online gateway to successfully migrate from high school to college and even into professional sports. Unlike recruiting services, FieldLevel offers a free and objective way for an athlete, like Brenton once was, to successfully navigate their athletic careers.